Hello, I’m Jacob and you seem to have found my website. This is an informal place for me to keep track of things I’ve been involved in recently, whether that be Podcasts, Instructional Videos or other mildly interesting things.  This site probably exists for my benefit more than anybody else’s, but please do take a poke around while you’re here and maybe you’ll find something useful.

I’ll try and update this page as and when interesting things happen, but I’m not making any promises.  For more regular updates, the latest sixty-second videos and semi-regular comments about Stroopwaffels, please do feel free to follow me on Twitter.

60 Second(ish) Tutorial Videos
Podcast Appearances

EDU Chat Podcast

A conversation with Martin Coutts where we draft our favourite features of the upcoming iPadOS release with a focus on how they could have benefits in education around the world.

A Daily Dose of TLC

A chat with Tom Konsek about how we might look to reinvigorate and re-energise teachers by giving them some simple and easy to follow tools to put in their teaching toolkit.

Breakfast Conversations

A podcast recorded with Jakob Esben Hansen discussing our school routines, hopes for the future of education and ideas on connecting classrooms internationally.

Around the Internet

At the 2020 BETT Show in London I was asked to take part in a panel about running a successful Code Club.  The Code Club team then shared some of these ideas in a blog, which you can read below.

I has written several articles for ParentZone and Be Internet Legends, most recently sharing a vlog talking about how I use their E-Safety scheme of work in my school.

LEGO WeDo 2.0

A selection of articles where I talk about how we use LEGO WeDo 2.0 robotics sets at Penpol School.


I’ve recently taken part in a case study, discussing how we use Mathletics with pupils at Penpol.

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