How to Easily Straighten Photos on iPhone



Here’s a really #QuickTip to help you straighten your photographs really easily.

So here you can see some photos I’ve taken in St Ives.

It’s a lovely day for some pictures, but unfortunately they’re a little bit wonky.

Perhaps I was too busy avoiding seagulls to hold my phone straight?!

But not to worry, if I press edit in the top corner I can then go on to Crop.

And from here I can straighten my image manually.

Now this slider is great because it lets me tilt the picture to level it up and it shows me a grid on the screen – but there’s an even quicker way.

At the top of your screen simply press Auto and that will immediately crop your photo and level the horizon if it can.

Of course then I can crop my image as normal, but now that horizon is nice and straight.

Let’s press Done and try one other picture/

Here we go, I’m going to press on to Edit and then go on to Crop.

Then on the Crop screen at the top I’m going to press Auto.

Just like that my horizon is straight and my picture is a lot better than it was when I took it!