How to use Behaviours and Forces in Augmented Reality with Reality Composer on iPad

Video Transcript

How about we start adding some movement and life to our Augmented Reality creations?

I’ve built this scene and I’ve added a Space Shuttle to the very front of it. What I want to do is I want to make that Shuttle take off when I tap on it. So, to make this work first of all tap on the object to select it once, and then in the top corner you’re going to press the Behaviours button.

Now from here you want to add a new behaviour and when you tap on that button you’ll notice there are a few preset options and one of them says Tap & Add Force. That means when I tap on my object a force will be applied and my object will move in which ever direction that force is going. There are lots of different options here which open up lots of creative possibilities for your own objects and animations in Reality Composer.

When you add a behaviour to an object for the first time you will need to turn on Dynamic Simulation for that object. So tap on Update and the object will behave just like it would do in the real world. I’ve now got a couple of panels on the bottom of my screen and from here I can choose the amount of force I apply to my rocket (so I can make it go higher or lower) and I can also check which object this will apply to.

If I choose a different object I could add that force to any object on my scene – or multiple objects. But for this I just want the rocket. Well, I’m happy that my Force and my Tapping Target are both on the Space Shuttle I’m now going to press the AR button and the Play button and at this stage it’ll place the objects in the real world and I can more it around. But when I tap on that rocket it’s going to go flying off into Space. Well, not quite – it kinda bounces and then falls down on mine. But perhaps you can adjust your own force to make it a little bit better?

The possibilities for forces and animations in Reality Composer are huge.