How to create an Augmented Reality Book Review using Reality Composer on iPad

Video Transcript

Let’s have a look at how we can use Images to create some Augmented Reality experiences based around real world objects – in this example an AR book review.

In Keynote I’ve made a really simple template for a book review. You can download this here.

I’m going to open up Reality Composer now and I’m going to create a new project. I’m going to choose the Image as my anchor point this time and when it opens I’m going to delete that blue shape on top. I don’t need it so I’ll tap on it once to select, then again to delete. Then you’re left with a placeholder for an image. Tap on there once to select it and then in the Inspector on the right hand side you can choose your source for the image. This will open up the Files browser and I’ve downloaded an image of my book cover which I’m now going to select and it’ll drop it straight into Reality Composer.

This book is now actually far bigger than the real book would be so when I tap on the object I can adjust the Physical Width and Physical Height sliders in the Inspector. Get these a bit closer to what they ought to be in order to make your experience even more realistic.

Then I’m going to swipe up to show the Dock and I’m going to drag Keynote over as a popover window. With my book review on the screen I need to tap and highlight all of the objects to make sure they’re grouped into one single object. Then I’m going to tap and hold and when it’s selected I’m going to slide it across into Reality Composer and let go on top of the book. From here I can adjust the scale of this object to make it match the book underneath. I can obviously zoom in and out and rotate but we’re working on a flat plane this time so you don’t need to worry about rotating through all 3 axis.

Finally, once we’re happy that everything is lined up and at more-or-less the same scale we’re going to press the Play and the AR buttons in the top of the toolbar. When it realises that my actual image (which is the book cover) is in the shot it’ll then snap into place and anchor itself to the cover. That means however I move the book, or the camera on the iPad, I’ll get that Augmented Reality experience right over my book.

There are so many ways you could use this in your classroom. Imagine making a display board of pupil work come to life. The book review is just one idea.