How to use Reality Composer to create Augmented Reality scenes that include Face Tracking

Video Transcript

Let’s have a look at how we can use Reality Composer to create some Augmented Reality content linked to our faces.

To start with I’ve used Keynote to draw these very stylish and fashionable sunglasses. I’m going to swipe this page away for now and open up Reality Composer. Now, as long as you’re using a device with a TrueDepth camera, (so one that has FaceID), you can create a new document with the Face as an Anchor Point.

Tap onto here and you’ll get a new document – a new workspace – with a face mask in the middle. There’s a speech bubble in the top corner, but we don’t want that for now, so you’re going to tap on the bubble once to select it, and then tap on it again and press delete.

At this point I’m going to drag up from the bottom to show the dock, and I’m going to slide the Keynote window over as a popover window. I can now see Reality Composer and Keynote so I’m going to tap on my sunglasses once, and then I’m going to tap and hold to select them and lift them off of the page. I can now slide my finger across and drop it straight into Reality Composer.

From here I can adjust the position and size of my glasses. On the right hand side in the Inspector I’ve also got a Scale option so I’m going to make the sunglasses a bit more of a normal size and then position them above the bridge of the nose. So when I tap on the arrows I get three different colour arrows, one for each of the X, Y and Z co-ordinates I can tap and drag to move the object around, or rotate them by using the circles.

When your glasses are in place and looking good you can go to the top corner and press the AR and Play buttons. This will get rid of all the interface from the program and it’ll just show you wearing your very stylish new glasses!

It’s a bit of fun making some novelty summer sunglasses, but imagine using it in the classroom to recreate your favourite book characters, such as Harry Potter with his glasses and lightning-bolt scar. Or perhaps you might even have a role-playing exercise where you dress up as different characters using Augmented Reality. It’s great fun!

There really are so many possibilities for using the Face Anchor in Reality Composer and I’d love to see what you come up with. So if you make anything interesting share it in the comments down below or tweet it to me on Twitter @JacobWoolcock. I’d love o to see what you’re making in Reality Composer!