How to Install Custom Fonts on your iPad or iPhone using the free Fontcase App

Video Transcript

Let’s take a quick look at how we can install some custom fonts onto our iPads and iOS devices.

Installing fonts on iOS devices is always a little bit tricky but the new Fontcase app (which is free to download), it makes it a little bit more straightforward.

First of all I’m going to find a font that I want to install -you can get this from any source you like, I’m going to use Google Web Fonts.

I’m going to search for one called Varela which I use quite a lot from here I’m going to download it straight into my iCloud Drive in the downloads folder.

When you’ve got that font file into the Files app on your iPad, or iOS device you can then open up the Fontcase app.

From here go to the top left corner and choose Import and navigate to that font file.

When it shows up in the list you can tap on it to get a preview and you can add as many font files as you like at this stage.

Then, when you’re happy, go to the top right corner and press Install.

Here you’re going to choose Download Fonts And then you’ll be told that it’s installing a profile (this is okay).

You’ll need to go to the Settings app now where you can then choose ‘Profile Downloaded’ and iOS will let you decide if you’re happy to have that running on your device.

If you want the font press Yes and Install and that should be the whole process complete.

Now you’ve installed your custom fonts you should be able to access them from other apps.

If I go into Pages now and highlight my title, that new font, Varela Round, will show up in my Font library.

This is a really great way to customise the work you’re making on your iPad and it’s a little bit cumbersome, but when it works you’ll be using these new fonts all the time.

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